Reasons why your restaurant needs mobile billing
70% of restaurants shut down before the first year of opening! Reason being poor customer service, theft& pilferage, lower market reach, mismanagement of billing and delivery. Sustaining in a restaurant business mainly depends on servicing customers to the fullest on their every visit, every bill, every order and every delivery. Adding mobility to your business can make sure all of these challenges are getting addressed. Brick POS, a mobile billing solution to deliver best customer service, increase market reach and smooth functioning in your take away/ delivery services. Here are 4 benefits of using mobile billing in your restaurant.
Posted by Rahul KavdiaJun 03, 2017 @ 05:17
Secrets to Success: Small-Medium Retail Business
There are more than a few ways for small-medium retail businesses to fail. They either fail to reach their potential or just fail to grow. Failing to grow will not be a problem – if the owner is happy where the business is. The tough times are when these retail businesses are in a very odd place between big and very small. At this spot, the owner is doing a lot of work and still not growing his business as much as he would like to.
Posted by Rahul KavdiaJun 03, 2017 @ 04:45