Cars Are Just Software Now

Michael Calore: More of that.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. But because it was at a Sunday Italian family dinner, did you eat at like 3:00?

Michael Calore: No, but being on the West Coast, you’d have to wait till the show came on, but we would have access to the East Coast feed, so we could watch it three hours earlier and not have to wait until 9:00 pm or whenever it came on.

Lauren Goode: Some pretty great Sopranos hacking right there.

Michael Calore: Yeah, totally. Back in the days of basic cable.

Lauren Goode: Ariana, I very much respect this recommendation.

Aarian Marshall: Thank you.

Lauren Goode: We’ll have to have one of these parties next time you’re in the Bay.

Aarian Marshall: Please. Yes.

Michael Calore: Maybe watch a baseball game.

Aarian Marshall: No.

Michael Calore: Sorry, my condolences. I’m an A’s fan. I totally get it.

Aarian Marshall: Yeah, that’s dark.

Michael Calore: It’s pain.

Lauren Goode: I’m not really a baseball fan, but I was on the East Coast last week when people were watching lots of baseball games.

Michael Calore: ‘Tis the season.

Lauren Goode: I guess, so. Yankees fans seemed happy.

Michael Calore: No. Yankees fans are never happy. They’re just delusional.

Lauren Goode: Mike, what’s your recommendation?

Michael Calore: My recommendation is beat the Yankees.

Lauren Goode: Wait, they won, right?

Michael Calore: Unfortunately, yes.

Lauren Goode: Yes. OK.

Michael Calore: OK. My recommendation is Twin Peaks.

Lauren Goode: Like David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

Michael Calore: Yes. If you have not watched Twin Peaks, or if it’s been a while, I can highly recommend going back and watching the first two seasons, which originally aired in like 1989, 1990, and then watching the third season, which aired during 2017. The first season is obviously a classic, right? It’s just amazing. There was nothing like it on television when it came out, and it still holds up. It still feels like you’re watching a show from the late ’80s, but it definitely holds up because it’s very weird. Television has gotten very weird since then, so it may not feel as shocking or revolutionary, but it’s still good TV. The second season is very strange, very hit-or-miss. It kind of goes off the rails, but it ends on a cliff hanger that the team decided 25, 26 years later that they would revisit and pick up from where they left off. So fast-forward to 2017 when they did the third season, and everything about television has changed. The delivery mechanisms have changed, the expectations have changed. All the actors have aged, but almost all of them came back and did the third season with the original team, and it is wild. That third season of Twin Peaks, known as Twin Peaks: The Return, is one of the most unique and bizarre things you will ever watch on television, and I can say that no matter who you are and what you like. It is the most psychedelic, messed up, scary, bizarre thing I’ve ever seen on TV, and it was on Showtime. It wasn’t on some channel that nobody gets. It was on Showtime. So I recommend that if you have Showtime, that you watch all three seasons, because they’re all on Showtime. And if you don’t, you can rent the first two seasons, and definitely do that even if you don’t see the third. But Twin Peaks.

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