Rethinking community college supports for single moms

When single moms are college students, complications and barriers abound. The risk is great as they try to raise children, provide financially and succeed as a student. But if they earn a degree, so is the reward.

The Education Design Lab, a nonprofit group that seeks to improve higher education systems and reduce equity and skills gaps, has enlisted a team of four community colleges to develop new programs and support systems that improve the chances of success for single moms at community colleges.

At Delgado Community College in New Orleans, single moms can join a special section of a college success skills class that caters to their unique needs. The course typically teaches study skills, time management and financial literacy, all skills they will need to make it through their education, while also letting them build a support system with other students in similar situations, said Tamika Duplessis, the associate vice chancellor for student affairs at Delgado.  

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