The Delay to Horizon Association is Only Adding to Scotland’s Brexit Pain

Scotland’s journey through Brexit has been fraught with challenges and uncertainties. As the United Kingdom navigates its way out of the European Union, Scotland finds itself grappling with the consequences of this decision. One particular issue that has been causing additional pain for Scotland is the delay to the Horizon association.

The Horizon association is a vital research and innovation program that allows countries outside the EU to participate in EU-funded research projects. It provides access to funding, collaboration opportunities, and the ability to contribute to cutting-edge scientific advancements. For Scotland, which has a strong research and development sector, the Horizon association is crucial for maintaining its position as a leader in innovation.

However, the delay to the Horizon association has left Scotland in a state of limbo. The uncertainty surrounding its participation in EU-funded research projects has created a sense of unease among researchers, scientists, and academics. Without the assurance of continued access to funding and collaboration opportunities, Scotland’s research sector faces an uphill battle.

Scotland’s universities and research institutions have benefited greatly from EU funding in the past. According to a report by the Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe, and External Affairs Committee, EU funding accounted for around 13% of research and development expenditure in Scotland between 2014 and 2020. Losing access to this funding would be a significant blow to the country’s scientific community.

Furthermore, the delay to the Horizon association also affects Scotland’s ability to attract and retain top talent. Researchers and scientists from across the globe are drawn to institutions that offer access to cutting-edge research opportunities and funding. Without the Horizon association, Scotland risks losing out on these talented individuals who may choose to go elsewhere for their research endeavors.

It is not just the research sector that is feeling the impact of the delay to the Horizon association. Scotland’s economy as a whole stands to suffer. Innovation and research are key drivers of economic growth, and without access to EU-funded projects, Scotland may struggle to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The delay to the Horizon association is yet another example of the Brexit uncertainty that Scotland has been grappling with. The lack of clarity and the constant changes in the political landscape have made it difficult for businesses and institutions to plan for the future. This uncertainty hampers investment and stifles economic growth.

Scotland has long been a proponent of staying in the EU and has consistently voiced its concerns about the potential negative impact of Brexit. The delay to the Horizon association only reinforces these concerns and adds to the pain that Scotland is experiencing as a result of the Brexit decision.

In conclusion, the delay to the Horizon association is a significant setback for Scotland’s research and innovation sector. It not only hampers Scotland’s ability to contribute to cutting-edge scientific advancements but also affects its economy and ability to attract top talent. The Brexit pain for Scotland continues to grow, and it is crucial that steps are taken to address these challenges and provide clarity for the future.

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